Crossing the Atlantic

I was 42 when my mother passed away. I was in an emergency room, by her side, holding her hand and stroking her arm as cancer took her. Her sister and mother on the opposite side of the bed, a few friends scattered about – we watched as breast cancer claimed another victim.

Although it wasn’t breast cancer by then. Yes, the cells were similar, but it had metastasized. It had moved elsewhere, taken on a new form.

This time in her abdomen.

It was June. She had been given a clean bill of health in January. I was at the clinic visit when the doc told her they could no longer find the cancer in her system. Turns out it was a lie.

That’s the thing about cancer. You fight it, and sometimes, well, you win. But often it just goes and hides, rears its head when you thought you were in the clear.


One of those men above is a Nazi sympathizer, a racist who preached America First and believed in the purity of European blood. Ah and he also was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic.

The other is a Colonel in the Army Air Corps. He flew aircraft and actively fought the Nazis. Oh and he won the Academy Award in 1940 for The Philadelphia Story.

Charles Lindbergh. National hero. Patriot. Nazi sympathizer. Fascist. And let’s be clear, the word “sympathizer” is splitting hairs here. He was actually awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle by Hermann Göreing himself in 1938.

James Stewart. Actor. Actual Patriot. Flew bomber missions over Germany trying to defeat the friends of Lindbergh. And incredibly enough, or ironically for Alanis Morissette fans, played Lindbergh in the 1957 movie about the Atlantic crossing Spirit of St. Louis.

You see, there is never a clean break. The virulence of the past just goes and hides. Waits. The Nazi movement from the 1930s was born out of a charismatic con man, someone interested in the sound only of his own voice.

Hitler cemented power on January 30, 1933, his Nazi party latching its eagle talons into the psyche of the German populace with expressions like making Germany great again, by vilifying the press, calling it Lügenpresse, which means lying press. Fake News anyone?

Those opposing this Aryan- European rising were categorized as Socialists, Communists, Radicals, and often more bluntly – Jews.

These viewpoints were shared by other men besides Lindbergh.



The one on the left is a business tycoon and certified racist and Nazi sympathizer. He also built cars.

The one on the right is a New York real estate developer and certified racist, arrested in 1927 at a Klan rally, which he might, or might not have been involved. He was also noted around the fringes of the Bund Movement in the U.S. The FBI had a file on him, although oddly the period covering the 1930s and 40s seems to be missing.

Henry Ford. Maybe not a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party, but openly hostile towards Jews.  Also awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.

Fred Trump. Hated Blacks. Refused to rent to them. Tried to claim he was Swedish but hailed from Bavaria.

Both men a product of the virus infecting much of the world at the time. Oh and that virus? Below is a short documentary of a 1939 rally of the Bund (just think Nazi Party) rally at Madison Square Garden in NYC. This rally was held only months before Germany invaded Poland. That’s 20,000 white American “patriots” giving the Sieg Heil with a giant painting of George Washington, and Nazi iconography on the stage.

You should watch it. It’s relevant.

Oh and the guy who runs out? A Jewish man who had had enough of the vitriol. He was beaten, stripped of his pants, tossed to the crowd, arrested, charged, and fined $25.


So the cancer doesn’t go away. It hides. Its DNA passed down from men of the 1930s who caught this fascist illness. Who attended or supported events like the atrocity at MSG.

Children learn at the knees of the father no? Fake News. Lying Press. Make Germany Great. Make America Great. Blacks are the enemy. BLM is the enemy. The left is nothing but Socialists and Communists trying to destroy us. The left is nothing but liberals and socialists trying to destroy us. America First. America First.

Lindbergh, Trump, Ford, and many many in the ruling class got caught up in the sickness of hate, of fear, of intolerance. They found sympathetic ears in a mob of the like minded.

They didn’t think the cancer would get out of hand.

Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in 1927. The strains of the Third Reich crossed back shortly thereafter. The disease spread, and might have, just might have, consumed us. But the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Admril Isoroku Yamamoto, leader of the fleet that attacked Pearl, was also awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.

And we woke up.

The world justly and wisely stood its ground against the darkness.

Now? There is no external threat. The enemy is within. The cancer has metastasized, really within a group of people that don’t even understand how bad things have become. Truly, ask a former German member of the Nazi Party in 1946 if they thought things were going to get out of hand? If it was worth it? Or were they just being patriotic? Overwhelmingly they said no, when asked this actual question.

But..truth is, a few held fast to those ideas, despite the carnage. The cancer was not killed.

January 6 was either a national reckoning or we might be in more trouble than we realize. People with a disease walk among us thinking it’s fine. That they, and this country will be getting a clean bill of health soon.

When nothing could be farther from the truth. And Jimmy Stewart isn’t coming to save us. This time, we have to save ourselves.


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