Size Matters

Man, remember the heady days of 2017? President-Elect Trump was ready to be sworn in, nobody in Congress batting an eyelash or protesting the results despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote? And then he took office and literally from the jump, the lying began. Day one, hour one. He was bragging about his size, er, crowd size. Remember this kerfuffle?


Remember how that little charmer Sean Spicer went on camera and just made shit up? Biggest crowd EVER! More people were on the D.C. Metro than ever ever ever before!!

How cute. Talk about a canary in a coal mine though. We have come out of these last four years like someone who ran off the road and flipped their car six times into a drainage ditch. The nepotism, the lying, the narcissism…makes the crowd boast seem almost quaint.

In truth, we don’t know with great accuracy the crowd sizes of the last few inaugurations as the National Park Service just said f-it and quit counting. Ya’ll crazy.


But there are ways of getting a ballpark idea. And yes, President Obama had bigger crowds, WAY bigger crowds, at both his inaugurations. Easily over a million. Trump’s has been estimated between 300,000 and maybe 600,000.

So look at that photo again. Look. See that crowd? That’s roughly the number of people that have died from Covid-19, or will have by the time this forest fire subsides. We are over 350,000 right now – having died directly from the virus or complications from it. By the way, that distinction doesn’t matter. Covid was the reason, or the final straw, for a death. The result is the same.

Due to HIPPA laws and hospitals living in fear of lawsuits, we have seen precious few images of the dead stacking up like cord wood. But it’s happening.

So take one more glance at that crowd, now imagine them dying in front of you, 3000 a day, every day, day over day over day. That’s where we are.

Here is another view. It’s a gigapixel photo you can zoom in, play with, etc. Frankly it’s unreal tech. It’s from CNN. Check it our

And then look close. There is one man at the dais, waxing UN-eloquently about how he will fix everything for us. Everything will be great! The family man that saw us out of the great recession behind him be dammed.

Until a pandemic hits. And he can’t wrap his brain around it. And he’s afraid to look weak. And masks are for pussies.

And now that crowd, or that representative size crowd…gone. Left in their wake millions of people in mourning.

Honesty matters. Whether it’s admitting to an average size crowd, or admitting a virus is real and is devastating us, or even simply admitting the other guy won.  An honest assessment of the facts at hand leads to clearer, more decisive decision making, which would have saved lives.  But candor, facts, science, math – all were scattered to the wind in favor of ego and loyalty. Go ask Sean Spicer what he thinks now…

A crowd of people gathered to support and put their faith in a man…. and their equal number are gone.

Something to consider.


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