Five Minute Photo Lesson – Contrast

This video discusses, quickly, the idea of contrast in lighting. Simply, the greater the difference between the bright and dark areas of your image, the higher the contrast range.

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Shooting in high contrast light is tricky, as it tricks your camera’s light meter – the thing that measures how much light is coming in the camera and sets the shutter and aperture accordingly. High contrast light is usually the result of direct sunlight, and it can make people look squinty, give you deep shadows on your face etc.

While low contrast is often more pleasing – think shade, or a gently overcast day.

So watch the video (it is for my patrons until Saturday afternoon but then opens up) and you will get a quick lesson on how to notice and deal with high and low contrast light. Thanks!

Sample Images….

This is the face of the doll in high contrast light. Bright brights and deep shadows.
This is the same doll in low contrast, even lighting.

Look at the difference between the two. One looks like a hot mess and the other is pleasing. Taken within 10 feet of each other. So when you photograph your kids, find that even, soft light, usually shade. Do it, do it for the children.


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