I love reading the news. To a fault. I get in trouble with being consumed with consuming the events of the day.

So much so, that sadly, I’m really just numb to it all. Iran shoots down a drone? Yawn. Weather-related disasters? Seen it. People hating other people? Stale. And that is unfortunate because really the law of diminishing returns should not apply to important events. But I’m probably like most of us – read it, click on the next thing.
However, THIS image made me sit up and yell “holy f**k”. I mean the world needs to see this. RIGHT NOW.

nope nope nope nope
Credit: Justine Latton/ Facebook

That is a Huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum in Tasmania, Australia. Seriously Australia, WTF is going on down there? And total credit to the couple staying in the lodge that took the time to take a photo.

Huntsman spiders can have a foot-wide leg span, and they apparently like to eat possums while hanging upside down in a lodge, as if they are mocking said possum. Jesus.

Anyway, here is the story from The Sun. Click on the video at the bottom to see one of these guys crawling on the hand of a sheila drinking a pint.

ubleegh…uh.hh.. man…


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