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Really Bleacher Report?

According to the BR, courtesy of ESPN’s Zach Lowe, The New Orleans Pelicans have reportedly hired former WNBA star Swin Cash to a “senior front-office position”. Good for her.

Cash played 15 seasons in the WNBA, winning three championships and making the All-Star team four times. The UConn Husky will apparently be Vice President Of Basketball Operations And Team Development. She has done commentary for ESPN and NBC, acted in movies, won sportswoman of the year awards.

In other words, she is an accomplished professional with a lifetime of achievement. She, hopefully, will do well in New Orleans. Women are still under-valued, under-hired, and under-represented in professional sports, although the NBA has moved the needle a tad. Women possess front office positions all across the NBA, my hometown Grizzlies being one positive example of female, and diverse, inclusion in the NBA ecosystem. And Becky Hammon being an assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs is definitely a step in the right direction.

But still, Cash being hired is worth noting. So why would the BR run this photo?

swin cash
Swin Cash / Jessica Hill/Associated Press

Here we have a photo of Cash, not in some glorious frozen pose, nailing a dagger from 20, or a fired up Cash in a huddle, or a shot of Cash hugging the WNBA trophy. Or smiling. Or flexing. Or anything.

What a disservice to Cash.

The way it works is simple. Someone get a scoop on some news, articles get written and submitted, editors clean it up, then someone lays out the article for the web and goes hunting for a photo to include. Press releases often include images, but in this case it looks as someone just went digging for the first image they could grab, or grab and have the rights to.

And the people hunting work at a SPORTS MEDIA COMPANY. There should have been no shortage of images to use.

It’s shameful. Why? Because images matter, that’s why. BR’s bro-infested-readership will see this article, click on it, and be thoroughly unimpressed.

Would you, being hired into whatever job you have, want the local or national media to scoop up your frowny bitching resting face pose and slap it all over the news? No.

So, here is Cash….

much better
and here
you get the idea

Image selection in the media can be smart and relevant, or it can be sloppy and naive. It can also be malicious. Believe me, there are editors and pubs out there that look for the worst photos they can. I don’t think BR was in any way trying to be malicious. They just picked a bad photo.

Odds are it was just some mid-level someone in a hurry. And it sucks. But in a world where women, and women of color, are judged unfairly by their appearance, this image was a true disservice.

Cash deserves better.


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