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As we remember the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and celebrate my grandmother’s birthday – she was 20 years old on June 6, 1944 and is still very much with us – I want to show you an interesting photo I came across.

And I do this a bit gingerly, as Ford had well, mixed feelings at best about the Third Reich, and Jews. He promoted antisemitism, and well, look it’s a sordid history worth a read on its own. But for this little quick snap let’s look at a photo.

The photo is of Henry Ford sitting on his first car of sorts – called the Ford Quadracycle. He introduced his car on June 4, 1896.

your nazi uber is here…

Four bicycle tires, tiller steering, four horsepower.

As this is a photo blog, let’s just concentrate on one thing… This photo was supposedly taken in 1896 when Ford was debuting his new car – a tech still in its infancy. Ford didn’t invent cars, but he was at the forefront of development and ultimately mass production.

But look at that photo, supposedly taken the day he debuted the car. There is ANOTHER car, a way better one, in the reflection in the storefront. That and some cool looking 19th century people. But yes, a car…


I’m sure there is a simple explanation. Photo was not taken in 1896, someone had imported a Benz, something. But it is a reminder that images have more than a creamy center.

They have sides, and details, and reflections, and depth. There is often more there than you first pick up on. More to the story. We tend to look right in the middle, or at whatever main subject jumps out.

But we shouldn’t be quick to ignore the periphery.

Next time you glance at a photo, take a moment to look into the corners and sides. Never know what you might find.


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