Quick snap – Your life in one photo

It’s 2019. We shoot and upload and share something like 3 billion photos a day. A DAY.

Amidst all that noise, could you post one, just one, photo that sums up your life? Not just a piece of it, but really encapsulates who you are, what you do, what you love?

Well for one meteorologist / storm chaser named Joey Kratzel, this was it. He proposed to his boyfriend, Chris Scott, while well, a tornado was bearing down on them.


So we have a thoroughly 2019 image here. Two men getting married, storm chasing, cell phone in hand, tornado bearing down, the need to shoot and share. Not your parents’ engagement photo.

I’m sure the photo will get conversed in the social sphere, that is what we do. But for me I find this photo simply remarkable for the very idea I led with. This photo sums up this guy’s life, at least where he is now…

It is what we strive for in photography – telling a story, in as few images, maybe just one, as possible. Could you do it? Post one photo that says it all? maybe with a hashtag #sumsmeup?

As for Joey and Chris, good luck you two. Now get in the @#@$% van.


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