Quick Snap – Top of Everest

I’m always on the look for unusual images, and this one will make the Freeze Frame sunday column. Feast your eyes upon the top of Mount Everest…

mount everest
Apparently there was a Groupon sale on climbing Mt. Everest / Getty Images

Just stare at it. The infinite paradox of human-ness. You can use that phrase.

At 29,035 feet, its peak touching the space airliners fly, Everest was first summitted on May 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa from Nepal.

Since then there have been close to 10,000 people summit the peak – and I think most of them are right there in the photo. Nearly 300 people have died, their bodies typically left on the mountain, and tragically two more died this week.

But about those 6000 people in the photo, or 200 or whatever. This single shot represents the incredibly complex nature of humans. We want to build it, ride it, fly it, sail it, conquer it, CLIMB it because it is @$%$# there man. That desire to accomplish the nearly impossible drives humanity to such incredible feats of the body, of science, of engineering, of discovery.

And when you get to the pinnacle of your goal, the thing you have only dared whisper dreams of, you find 2000 people in line for the bathroom in front of you.

Those people look like they are waiting to get a new ID photo taken at the DMV after losing one in an all night bender.

How the holy hell did that many people get on top of the world like that? Was there nobody with a clipboard? Did the TSA put a gate at Camp 4? Maybe Everest could get run by Disney. They know lines.

I’m not a crowd person. Concert or sporting event, fine, but just a large crowd, say a Thanksgiving sale crowd, I’d rather stab my knee with an ice pick.

Which is exactly how I would feel getting to the top of the world to find that disaster. A potentially life-threatening one at that.

Maybe, maybe we might consider finding a new mountain to climb.


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  1. This is hilarious. And insane. I had no idea this was such thing. WT actual F? You will not find me up there.

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