NYT – Lens

In building this site I want to include as many links to outside photographic material – series, publications, resources, etc – as possible. Hence the week in photos links.

But a friend and reader pointed out I had missed a good one. The New York Times has been running a series called Lens for a decade now, and the work in there is sublime. It is absolutely worth clicking on the link on the right and looking deeper into some truly fantastic work.

If you get a moment and need things to click on while hiding in your cubicle, check it out, along with the other links.

And about the photo linked to this post. It was taken by Gordon Parks, an African American photog that came around at a tumultuous time in American history, much like Ernest Withers. Part of capturing powerful imagery is literally being present when the powerful moments emerge – for example of a beautiful mom and I presume her child standing under a Colored Entrance sign at a department store in 1956.

From the perspective of 2019, it seems like an alien world, but many of those people that lived that experience are very much around today.

In any event, check out the links.


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