Freeze Frame – May 21

The world revolves around the images. Let’s look at the going’s on this week and see what stands out.

Well we can’t get too far without one last look into the poor decision making bloodfest known as Game of Thrones. I finally get into an episode, and they kill Danerys. Really?

Amazingly, people seemed to be most broken up over Drogon the dragon wailing over Danerys’ corpse. It’s a CGI dragon, yet we, or you, watched it grow up over nine years, and man, ya’ll cried.

It’s storm season, and severe weather has been popping up in Tornado Alley.  Meteorologist Reed Timmer had a tornado land on his head.

President Trump had a moment of confusion this week when presidential Dem hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg did a Fox News town hall and got a standing ovation at the end. This one fascinates me as media these days has become nothing more than a mirror for one’s own perceptions and belief systems.

This must have been uncomfortable.

Quentin Tarantino is back at Cannes 25 years after Pulp Fiction.

That movie was one of those markers on a time line. Combining pop culture with dialogue and story-telling unseen in Hollywood for decades, Tarantino set the bar high. There are not many clips I can link that are SFW, so here is Mia and Vincent dancing.

Scientists studying pollution in the Earth’s oceans have found like a billion pieces. Ok maybe 400 million and counting.

So let me ask, with so much of our news, we just have an opinion, a perception. Do facts even matter? Should I watch the clip below and just say, “well that’s like, your opinion, man.”?

Speaking of the power of imagery, Alabama Public Television felt the images of two gay cartoon characters getting married on the kid’s show Arthur might not be well received.

So they refused to air it.

Interesting how the idea of perception plays into our daily lives. APT has the perception that the show might melt young minds and they better just be safe, and much of the country looks at Alabama and has a perception of their own.

Speaking of perception, let’s leave you with this final nugget.

Rolls-Royce, maker of cars for those that really need to be reminded the rest of us suck, has come out with a $45,000 cooler. 45. Who’s the sucker now?

Check back or bookmark us for your Monday coffee as we look back on the imagery of the previous week.


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