Farewell Grumpy Cat

One of the remarkable things about the internet is its, well at times, democratic ability to lift certain stories or images above all else. Called going viral, we as a collective vote on the interesting content of the day, and share, and share, with some content achieving the Michelin Star of the internet – a meme.

Second place is a .gif.

So today we remember Tardar Sauce, the cat otherwise known as Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat taken by David Livingston/Getty

At this point I should not have to even tell you who this is. You all know, which makes Grumpy Cat nearly a deity on the meme circuit. The cat personified a mood.

The original photo, posted on reddit, had over a million views in 48 hours. There have been books, and tours, and the whole thing is kinda silly, yet it’s not.

The face of that cat, or the original photo I should say, was epic. Why? Well it had a few things going for it. It was a cat. The cat looked, almost exactly, the way we feel at times during the day. Cats already don’t seem to give an F so this was that with sprinkles on top. The cat almost looked human in its expression as well. In short, many many people saw that photo and instantly said, yep I get it.

Which shows the power of images.

There are millions of cat photos on the internet, but one had to rise above, like anything in life. There is always the king or queen of the hill. Tardar Sauce was the GOAT.

And now he has crossed the rainbow bridge. There will never be another grumpy cat.

Now I wonder how pizza rat is doing these days.


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