About the links to media images in the sidebar

Readers, both of you, I want to point out the links to various media outlets’ photos of the week, etc. In my time teaching as an adjunct in a university journalism department, I found it helpful to review images from the news once a week or so.

It did two things, well three really. It made my students engage in class, as it was group discussion, it encouraged them to keep up with current events, and it was a great look into powerful imagery. The, light, the composition, the subject, would often get audible reactions from students.

And good photography makes you stop for a second and say, “hang on what is that?” It gets you to look a second time.

So check out the external links in the sidebar. I have no association with any group, I just find the images interesting myself. And if you take learning photography seriously, remember that the majority of the art is in WHAT you take photos of.. locations, events. etc. The technical bits are really a small part of the medium.

Check the links out. Cheers. Jay