Welcome to Snap-Look

Everyone thank you for checking out the new site.

This site is a photo/news/commentary site, built to teach you about photography and all its facets, but to also look at the news and imagery of the day and discuss both how it was made, and its impact.

We will also look to others – creators and educators – and share their work and insights.

Finally, this site is linked to my Patreon page at www.patreon.com/jayadkins

milky way over the delta

Some of the lessons and long form videos will lead you to a link to sign up and donate a small amount to keep this site moving along. In our modern shared economy, consider it a small donation towards education and observation. It’s less than one scooter ride for coffee. We truly do thank you for the support.

So look over the first few videos as we build this site out. In time it will be a comprehensive site worth a daily view. In the meantime, keep shooting!


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